Five Films To See Before You Die Pt1


Life is short and so are dwarves, but technology has refused to let such things stop it from becoming so engorged on its own Arabian Night’s fancies as to offer the average Android owner the chance of watching anything, anywhere, any time of the day or  night.

What you choose to watch is entirely your choice, of course; but going to the grave having never enjoyed the finest of brandies or seen the sun rise over an eastern shore comes down to whether you’ve got the kind of money needed for such luxuries, or you’re fortunate to have been born into a land where such sights are ten-a-penny (although such places usually have terrifying governments or horrendous merchandise infrastructures, leading to all those wondrous sights going ignored in favor of not starving or disappearing in the Middle of the night when the local lawmen feel your stance on taking a second bowl of rice that afternoon speaks of indulgent self interests and thus you are a threat to ‘The Greater Good’…).

Behold; the true 'Greater Good'..!
Behold; the true ‘Greater Good’!

So take your mind from such pointless torture of what you shall never experience, and instead be thankful of the freedom to complain about Big Mac‘s and add these five films to your Bucket List. True, they may not afford you quite the same opportunity to catch a cat-fish off a golden shore somewhere odd smelling and foreign, but at least you can mark them off your list and make it seem like you did more with your life than watch films recommended by an internet blogger you read on the bog at work when the boss has took the secretary for a half pint of ‘brainstorming session’ down the local come mid-afternoon…

So, in reverse order…

Number Five:


Bill Murray.


…and for those needing anything else to watch this film, shame on you! EVERYONE is aware of the greatness that is the Murray in full gear, his career such that the man has taken on legend status within his own lifetime.

Before television made stars of ghost hunters Hollywood birthed the idea of Ghost busters; ‘They ain’t out looking for evidence of ghosts’, the title seemed to say, ‘They’re out looking to bust them! Like, the ghosts are criminals and the Ghostbusters are the cops or something! And we have a Sigourney Weaver, too! Remember her? Aliens? Yeah, that chick! Man, she kicks some ass in that film, doesn’t she? Never over does the part, mind, always makes it seem like a woman on the edge rather than a hard-edge solider! I always get her mixed up with Geena Davis, too! I think it’s because they both have the same kind of hair, all wild and big and that! I dunno, man, the eighties; wild times…’

I said god-dayum..!
I said god-dayum..!

With a token black character and asexual secretary the busting of the ethereal dead is delivered by way of proton nuclear accelerators that resembles a pairing of juices between Jean Paul Goutier and Dyson, a light show of electricity surging out their ends to ensnare and therefore ‘bust’ the ghosts of others discontent.


The special effects are never over ladled onto your plate, sitting pleasantly alongside real-world objects and images on screen to affect an enhancing of the imagination, rather than full on suspension of disbelief.

Despite yet to feel the weight of thirty plus years of Twinkies Dan Aykroyd manages to remain the biggest thing on screen up to the gangs final showdown scene, the script still manages to fit the Murray’s acting into it without ever being a one-man show.

He can barely even fit in this picture..!
He can barely even fit in this picture..!

Excellent script writing that enforces plot whilst building several side stories and adding to an undercurrent of sub-plot without ever over-burdening the viewer or losing sight of what’s already been established shows why Ghostbusters works, and its sequel didn’t.

Though this pile of arse makes Ghostbusters 2 seem a whole lot better in comparison...
Though this pile of arse makes Ghostbusters 2 seem a whole lot better in comparison…

In a world where television encourages us to ignore all evidence and science behind discounting so-called ghost hunters and psychics with hours of dedicated shows and channels spreading the dumb, Ghostbusters offers no proofs or delusion of establishing anything more than a great script makes an even better film when you remember the topic of your writings.


And you cast Bill Murray.

'I swear someone's calling me, y'know...'
‘I swear someone’s calling me, y’know…’



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