Five Films To See Before You Die Pt 5

History teaches us to either learn from our mistakes, or be condemned to forever repeat them.

But a mistake is simply an experience of life you have yet undertake – for instance, I recently gained experience in helping give aid to a fainted old woman whilst also avoiding the screwdrivers and shivs my fellow Community Servers felt compelled to drive into my flanks.

...because knowledge is power!
…because knowledge is power!

So with a copy of DIY For Dummies in one hand and an eye to the bright and one hefty swing being enough to bring down the largest of angry aggressors I leave for my second day helping those without a choice and the blog with the number one film in our countdown of five…

Number 1;

Back To The Future is a smorgasbord of plot, visuals, and wacky eighties pop-culture references gloriously played out to a backdrop of pop-socks, Chuck Berry and the inevitable mortality of one’s very own existence.

Sound advice to live by..!
Sound advice to live by..!

I could talk of such underlying themes as fate, morality, and the importance of understanding your own impact on the world around you; of setting and attaining personal life-goals, of encapsulating the American Dream of the power to take control of your destiny, understanding it as something within your control and being in your own hands. Of how ludicrous the chasing of popularity through such insubstantial measurements as ‘cool’ or ‘hip’ really is when placed in an environment where different yardsticks are used to measure another’s worth. One could even argue how the subtle underplay of such differences in cultural vernacular and behavior is a metaphor for the segregation between races, and how the only way to bring a making of the peace is by acknowledging and working with these differences to achieve a greater harmonious result.

But all I really need to say is ‘DeLorean time machine’, ‘rock and roll’ and ‘terrorists in a VW Camper van’ and leave it at that. The most iconic film since celluloid was invented and the definitive time travel experience, even H. G. Wells didn’t think of having his lead protagonist getting it on with his own mother – which in itself something I never thought would ever be a measure of a good film that wasn’t either French or labelled as ‘Art-House’ in the curtained off section of my local video shop.

The promise...the allure...the cheap French porn..!
The promise…the allure…the cheap French porn..!

Nearly thirty years after its cinematic release B.T.T.F. remains an iconic slice of storytelling, using the familiar theme of the difficult teenage years as a backdrop to the main plot of Time; that period in your life where you’re old enough to do whatever you want but still too young to figure out exactly what that is, where we start to become the people we eventually turn into.


The surface gloss is a shining example of special effects available to the industry at the time, and still stand up well to the ultra-real C.G.I. crammed into nearly every modern day release- just don’t look too closely, is all, and for God’s sake don’t try and watch it upscaled on a 42” screen (…lets just say, it’s almost on a par with the effects seen in the first Jurassic Park. By the way, have you watched that film recently? Notice the plastic people almost get eaten by the hand puppet? Admittedly, it’s not quite as bad as Godzilla, but lets not get into that…).

Speshul effeks...
Speshul effeks…

And though rougher than the hairs around a Northern girls top lip when maxing out the menu options of todays amazing screens of shiny it never becomes anything less than a masterpiece a generation took to their hearts and kept there until, when older and wiser, happy childhood memories would turn every car they owned into their very own Doc Brown built time-barrier breaker, a kit-form Flux Capacitor a mere Google search away. Google!
…to Google!

A lack of reports speaking of drivers emulating the flash that signified the DeLoreans passage into the tunnels of time by way of a speed cameras flash as they 88mph it past  to the strains of Huey Lewis belting out over their stereo either shows how well these groups are operating under the radar, or I’m making things up.

'...except me, Mr Police-Officer, sir!'
‘…except me, Mr Police-Officer, sir!’

What is real, however, is how the series progressed into further releases. Opinion is divided over which of its subsequent two sequels were the greater of the other; one would torture those self-same children from before with the Hasbro Hoverboard, the other would take the bold decision of dropping the on-going incest angle with a love interest that was so-so but was set in the Wild West so at least it wasn’t all balls.

Curse you, reality, crushing my dreams..!
Curse you, reality, crushing my dreams..!

The original is a perfect universe all by itself, however. Franchises age and tastes may change, but time-travel and Mr Fusion remain a constant throughout, and in an age of cinema where some of the most lauded films of all time are now being acknowledged as worthy of their place in IMDb through sharing of their existence across the internets mighty seas, Back To The Future is THE film not just of the eighties, but possibly of all time…


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